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H.A.B.D Grips

The Rant Have A Bike Day (H.A.B.D.) Grips are a simple and straightforward classic mushroom style grip with custom plastic bar ends. Constructed of proven DCR rubber, the H.A.B.D. grips are stylish, comfortable and durable grips. Ribbed for your hands pleasure. Available in a bunch of colors to match your other Rant Parts! Check them […]

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Squad Tires

The Rant Squad Tire is a great tire for all around use, from dirt to park to street. We designed an exclusive tread design that offers a large contact area with minimal rolling resistance. We also added micro-knurled surface for optimum performance and improved traction. The medium pressure rating helps cushion those big drops. The […]

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LL Cool Alloy Pegs

The Rant LL Cool Alloy Pegs come with the same Long Lasting and fast sliding nylon composite sleeve paired with a new lightweight alloy core. Save a little weight without any sacrifices. Guaranteed to give you smooth buttery grinds session after session! Grab a set here SPARKYS BRANDS Also freshen up the your pegs with […]

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Essential Tool Kit

Essential Tool Kits come in handy at the spot. It comes with all the essentials for working on your bike! Keep one with you at all times! Kit includes: 17mm deep socket 3/8โ€ torque handle 5mm hex key 6mm hex key 8mm hex key spoke wrench roll-up velcro carrying case For more info on the […]

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